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Ice Cream, Juice Bar, Cafes, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Vegetarians, Fast Food
Arsalan started its journey on 6th of September, 2013 at Jamuna Future Park with a mission of being recognized as one of the top listed restaurant choices of people with best quali...
30 votes 5/5
Vegetarians, Fast Food
~Bibi Biryani is a trademarked unique restaurant with its signature biryani. Bibi Biryani is intends to be one of the premium biryani brands in Bangladesh~...
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Bangladeshi, Vegetarians
A Pictureous pearl island in the Middle of blue marine Bay of Bengal. This heavenly and peaceful marine island and the only coral island of Bangladesh. Its sandy beach and blue wat...
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Ice Cream, Juice Bar, Cafes, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vegetarians, Fast Food
Cafe Al-Burn for Fresh Hygienic and Delicious Food....
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Juice Bar, Cafes, BBQ & Grill, Vegetarians, Fast Food, Continental, American
Fast Food Restaurant and Free Delivery.. ...
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Ice Cream, Juice Bar, Cafes, Bangladeshi, Indian, Italian, Thai, Western, Vegetarians, Fast Food, Bakery & Sweets, American, Asian
Capri Corn's the only one entertainment Restaurant. There are 380" LCD TV. World famous sound Gbl. Play ground Bakery and Sweets and Snacks. ...
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Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vegetarians
Fresh food, Nice Decoration & Good Service...
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Bangladeshi, Chinese, Vegetarians
The perfect place for all your needs. ...
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Ice Cream, Juice Bar, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vegetarians, Fast Food
Chandrabindu Restaurant first gave a taste of his most famous creation, featuring that secret chef. So come and dine with us, or take some home - any way you like it. Only Chandrab...
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Bangladeshi, Chinese, Thai, Vegetarians
Fresh food & good management. ...
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