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1 vote 5/5
Indian, Italian, Continental, Mexican, American
A place to experience food of 3 States!!!...
10 votes 1.4/5
Indian, Thai, & Chinese Food are Available Here....
25 votes 2.12/5
Chinese, Indian, Thai
This provides a quality of foods with quality prices and warm atmosphere for family gatherings. They provide with large space and comfortable accommodation for parties and other ce...
4 votes 4.25/5
Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian
Taste to Share Moments to Remember....
0 vote 0/5
Indian, Thai
Eat & Enjoy....
1 vote 1/5
Tastes of India in the heart of Bangladesh...A dining experience to remember!...
2 votes 5/5
Bangladeshi, Indian
Restaurant and Kabab Ghar....
1 vote 5/5
Ice Cream, Juice Bar, Cafes, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Vegetarians, Fast Food
Arsalan started its journey on 6th of September, 2013 at Jamuna Future Park with a mission of being recognized as one of the top listed restaurant choices of people with best quali...
3 votes 4.33/5
BBQ & Grill, Chinese, Indian
Situated at Nice Place. Special Bar-B-Q available here....
2 votes 5/5
Indian, Thai
Bar-B-Que, Sea food, Indian food & Thai food restaurant....
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