Boat Club Bar

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Providing refreshments and light snacks. Relax with a glass of your favorite drop! With a range of beers on tap and wines by the glass, you are sure to find something to please the palate. The staff is polite and attentive.
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Basic information
Cuisine Fast Food
Seating capacity 60
Open hour 4:00pm - 11:00pm
Holidays Everyday Open
Contact information
Patenga Ghat No-11, East, Patenga, Chittagong
Phone: +88-031-2502334, 2502335
Fax: +88-031-2502336
Email Address
Web Address
Average price Breakfast 0.00
Lunch 0.00
Dinner 0.00
Buffet Lunch 0.00
Buffet Dinner 0.00
Snacks 700.00
Service Charge 0
Vat Charge 15%
Accepts Credit Cards American Express, Master Card, VISA
Restaurant features
Environment Purpose and Scene Dining Options
cancel Air Conditioned ok Bar cancel Breakfast
cancel Busy cancel Birthday or Anniversary cancel Buffet Dinner
ok Car Parking cancel Business Meeting cancel Buffet Lunch
cancel Kids Playground cancel Company Party cancel Dinner
cancel Live Music cancel Family with Children cancel Lunch
cancel Private Room ok Group of Friends ok Snacks
ok Quiet cancel Home Delivery ..... .....
cancel Smoking cancel Reservations ..... .....
ok VIP Room cancel Romantic Date ..... .....
..... ..... cancel Special Occasion ..... .....
..... ..... cancel Take Out ..... .....
..... ..... ok VIP ..... .....
Snapshot Item Person Share Price
Tandoori Papad
180.00 BDT
Hot Papad
150.00 BDT
Chicken-65 Fry
260.00 BDT
Chicken Tikka Masala
280.00 BDT
Chicken Wings
180.00 BDT
Chicken Saswala
220.00 BDT
Beef Songom
260.00 BDT
Beef Jhal Frizi
240.00 BDT
Beef Boti Kebab
170.00 BDT
Beef Sizzlers
250.00 BDT
Prawn Masala
265.00 BDT
Sweet & Sour Prawn
265.00 BDT
Prawn Sizzler
295.00 BDT
Butter Naan
65.00 BDT
Rumali Roti
35.00 BDT
Masala Kulcha
65.00 BDT
Garlic Naan
70.00 BDT
Chicken On Toast
180.00 BDT
Fried Wonthon
135.00 BDT
Snapshot Item Person Share Price
All Brands and imported items.
Ghat No-11, East, Patenga, Chittagong
Phone: +88-031-2502334, 2502335

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