Hotel Agrabad -Cinnamon Restaurant

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Hotel Agrabad is proud to offer the longest buffet table in Chittagong offering authentic continental dishes such as Italian, French and steaks to Indian dishes. The choice for excellence dining in Chittagong as always has been at Hotel Agrabad.
Cinnamon Restaurant:luxuriantly refurbished with new look and soothing decor , ensuring you a new Dinning Experience.
Oasis:The Arabian Restaurant where the Middle East comes alive and vibrant with five senses. Unique in design and adornment, situated next to the Swimming Pool blue water, sets a mood of tranquility.
Manini:has been famous for its hospitality since the beginning of its creation by offering East Asia cuisines meanly Chinese and Thai and also local and Indian delights.
LIQUID Bar & Lounge :with an intimate and relaxing atmosphere the newly designed with cutting-edge look and feel is the perfect corner to have your private moment and unwind the stress of day-long work.
Treat your friends and family to a wide range of world-class cuisine. Hotel Agrabad offers the best cuisine in Chittagong . Our chefs are internationally trained and experienced in gastronomy to provide our guests with a scrumptious choice of menu. From Pan-Asian, Middle Eastern to Continental, the choice is simply, yours.
Try our signature dish at Cinnamon Restaurant:
Lobster Thermidor - Diced lobster cooked in white sauce and dumpling in shell, baked with cheese, fresh cream and served with butter rice.
Try our tasty Middle Eastern snacks at the Oasis Lounge:
Shawarma / Shis-Tawook Sandwich / Ayres / Potato Kibbe / Falafel / Gyros / Fatayer / Lahmacun / Hummus / Moutabel / Baba-ghanoush and more.
Restaurant preview
Basic information
Cuisine Multi-Cuisine
Seating capacity
Open hour 07:00am - 11:00pm
Holidays Everyday open
Contact information
Agrabad Sabder Ali Road, C/A, Agrabad, Chittagong - 4000
Phone: +88-031-713311-8 Mobile: +88-01811419669
Fax: +88-031-710572
Email Address
Web Address
Average price Breakfast 600.00
Lunch 0.00
Dinner 0.00
Buffet Lunch 599.00
Buffet Dinner 999.00
Snacks 0.00
Service Charge 10%
Vat Charge 15%
Accepts Credit Cards American Express, Master Card, VISA
Restaurant features
Environment Purpose and Scene Dining Options
cancel Air Conditioned ok Bar ok Breakfast
cancel Busy ok Birthday or Anniversary ok Buffet Dinner
ok Car Parking ok Business Meeting ok Buffet Lunch
cancel Kids Playground ok Company Party cancel Dinner
cancel Live Music ok Family with Children cancel Lunch
cancel Private Room ok Group of Friends cancel Snacks
ok Quiet cancel Home Delivery ..... .....
cancel Smoking ok Reservations ..... .....
cancel VIP Room cancel Romantic Date ..... .....
..... ..... ok Special Occasion ..... .....
..... ..... ok Take Out ..... .....
..... ..... ok VIP ..... .....
Snapshot Item Person Share Price
Garlic Bread
0.00 BDT
Agrabad Club Sandwich
Chicken Fingers
Fish Finger
Beef Burger
Chicken Burger
Fried Chicken
Vegetable Spring Roll
Vegetable Pakora
Chicken Pakora
Saami Kabab
Chicken Cutlet
Fried Prawn
Spicy Chicken Wings/ Roll
Mexican Chicken Wrap
Roasted Stuffed Chicken Supreme
Sutffed with Peanut and baby ispunach, set on Creamy Garlic Sauce with Potatoes and Roasted Vegetable.
800.00 BDT
Breaded Garlic Chicken
Served with Spicy Potato Wedges napped with garlic Butter Sauce.
750.00 BDT
Poulet Au Vin Rouge
Set on spicy Potato Cake, Served with Roasted Vegetable and red wine gravy.
1050.00 BDT
Roast Spring Chicken
Served with rose Mary Sauce, Roast Potatoes and Pan Glazed Vegetable.
600.00 BDT
Slow Braised Lamb Shanik
Lamb Shank Braised in Roasted Onion Gravy, Served with Potatoes and Roasted Vegetable.
1025.00 BDT
Kasmiri Lamb Skewers
Kasmiri Style Lamb with Spicy Couscous, Mint Raita and salad
800.00 BDT
Rogan Josh
Tender Lamb in a Spicy Sauce, Served with Mixed Vegetable Rice.
850.00 BDT
Grilled Sirloin Steak
Cooked to Your Liking, Granished with Slow Grilled Tomatoes in Tobasco Pepper Sauce with Potato wedges.
1150.00 BDT
T-Bone Steak
Cooked to Your Liking, Accompanied with Potato Cake and Saute Onions.
1250.00 BDT
RIb Eye Steak
Grilled Rib eye Steak with Saute Vegetable Honeyed Potatoes in Bearnaise Sauce.
1125.00 BDT
Rasta Bolognese
Minced Beef Cooked in Bolognese Sauce, Topped with parmesan Cheese, Served with Toasted garlic Bread.
700.00 BDT
Minced Beef Layers Cooked in Tomato Sauce, Topped with Cheese and white Sauce, Served with Tossed Salad and Garlic Bread.
750.00 BDT
Creamy Tortellini
Vegetable Tortellini Cooked in Creamy white Sauce, Topped with parmissan Cheese.
650.00 BDT
Home Made Chicken Burger
Breaded Chicken Fillet, Served in Toasted bap with coleslaw and tossed salad with French fry.
700.00 BDT
Tuscan Meat Ball
Beef meat ball cooked in rich Tomato sauce served with boiled pasta of Rice.
680.00 BDT
Spicy Fish Cake
Mixed Sea Food Cake Served with side Salad and Lemon Lime mayonnaise Sauce.
650.00 BDT
550.00 BDT
550.00 BDT
830.00 BDT
950.00 BDT
Palak Paneer
Cottage Cheese Cubes cooked with spinach in garam masala sauce.
590.00 BDT
Matar Paneer
Cottage cheese cubes and peas in a slightly sweet and spicy sauce.
590.00 BDT
Mixed Vegetable Masala
Mixture of Vegetable cooked in a spicy masala sauce.
480.00 BDT
Fish Dopiaza
850.00 BDT
Chicken Tandoori (Half)
650.00 BDT
Tandoori Chicken (Full)
950.00 BDT
Chicken Reshmi Kebab
650.00 BDT
Mutton Shih Kebab
990.00 BDT
Beef Tikka
650.00 BDT
Chicken Tikka
680.00 BDT
Prawn Tikka
930.00 BDT
Beef Bon Kebab
600.00 BDT
Chicken Bon Kebab
680.00 BDT
Prawn Bon Kebab
990.00 BDT
Nan Bread (Plain Naan, Butter Nan)
180.00 BDT
Garlic Naan, Garlic & Coriander Naan
250.00 BDT
Stutted Kulcha (Type of levered Indian Flat Bread)
300.00 BDT
Chicken, Beef, Fish or Pepper Stuffing
250.00 BDT
Chingri Vegetable
180.00 BDT
Agrabad Special Salad
char-grilled Chicken and Prawn Mix with tomato, Cucumber, Mixed Olive, red Onion, Cheese, Salad Leaves bound together with honey and red wine vinegar dressing.
990.00 BDT
Chicken & Egg Salad
hard boiled eggs, grilled Chicken, Onion, Mixed pepper, Cucumber, Tomato, bound together with sweet balsamic, dressing.
440.00 BDT
Prawn & Pasta Salad
Grilled King Prawn with penna Pasta, Cucumber, Tomato Mixed together in Sweet chilli mayonnaise.
750.00 BDT
Greek Salad
Mixed lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, red Onion, Fata Cheese, Bound Together with Lemon Olive Dressing.
590.00 BDT
Lobster Ala Cardinal
Cube cut lobster cooked in tomato sauce, dumplling in shell, baked with cheese and served with saffron rice and bolled vegetable.
3500.00 BDT
King Prawn Oriental
Sweet water king prawn cooked in tangy tomato sauce served with yellow rice.
2500.00 BDT
Pan Fried red Snapper
pan roasted red snapper served with potato cake with vegetable, glazed in lemon and lime cream sauce.
1075.00 BDT
Herb Crusted Vetki Fish
Baked Vetki fish served with mash potato and lemon butter sauce.
1250.00 BDT
Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta
Tosted garlic bread with mozzarella cheese and tomato, side salad drizzled with balsamic reduction.
530.00 BDT
Satay Chicken
Tender chicken strip skewers, Cooked in Peanut butter sauce, served with saffron rice.
600.00 BDT
Home Made Chicken Goujons
Crispy Breaded chikcne strips with tossed garlic mayinnaise and tomato salad.
490.00 BDT
Garlic & Chilli Prawn Skewers
King prawn skewers cooked in garlic chilli sauce with tomato red Onion, French Coriander, Tossed salad.
850.00 BDT
Chicken & Coriander Bruschetta
Toasted Italian bread topped with diced chicken, mozzarela cheese, served with side salad and sweet balsamic sauce.
650.00 BDT
Sea food Paella
Mixed sea food and diced chicken cooked together with saffron rice.
890.00 BDT
Pacific Shrimp Cocktail
A bowl of Fresh sweet water shrimp soaked in a delicious calypso sauce served with hard boiled egg.
580.00 BDT
Smoked Hilsha Padma
Smoked hilsha, served on toast.
600.00 BDT
Cream of Chicken Soup
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Carrot and Coriander Soup
French Onion Soup
450.00 BDT
Minestrone Soup
450.00 BDT
Spicy Tomato Soup
425.00 BDT
Sabder Ali Road, C/A, Agrabad, Chittagong - 4000
Phone: +88-031-713311-8 Mobile: +88-01811419669

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