Adi Khaja Hotel

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Restaurant preview
Basic information
Cuisine Bangladeshi
Seating capacity 60
Open hour 06:00am -11:00pm
Holidays Everyday Open
Contact information
Sadar Post Office Aria, Sadar, Habiganj
Mobile: +88-01712916283
Average price Breakfast 40.00
Lunch 100.00
Dinner 100.00
Buffet Lunch 0.00
Buffet Dinner 0.00
Snacks 0.00
Service Charge 0
Vat Charge 15%
Accepts Credit Cards Not Applicable
Restaurant features
Environment Purpose and Scene Dining Options
cancel Air Conditioned cancel Bar ok Breakfast
cancel Busy cancel Birthday or Anniversary cancel Buffet Dinner
cancel Car Parking cancel Business Meeting cancel Buffet Lunch
cancel Kids Playground cancel Company Party ok Dinner
cancel Live Music ok Family with Children ok Lunch
cancel Private Room ok Group of Friends cancel Snacks
cancel Quiet cancel Home Delivery ..... .....
cancel Smoking cancel Reservations ..... .....
cancel VIP Room cancel Romantic Date ..... .....
..... ..... cancel Special Occasion ..... .....
..... ..... ok Take Out ..... .....
..... ..... cancel VIP ..... .....
Snapshot Item Person Share Price
Mutton Bhuna
100.00 BDT
Mutton Meat
90.00 BDT
Local Chicken
80.00 BDT
Chicken Jhal Fry
80.00 BDT
Chicken Roast
75.00 BDT
Chicken Fry
100.00 BDT
Chicken Full Fry
300.00 BDT
Biriyani Roast Egg
120.00 BDT
Hilsha Fish
100.00 BDT
Ruhi Fish
70.00 BDT
Chitol Fish
150.00 BDT
Bowal Fish
150.00 BDT
Katla Fish
150.00 BDT
Pota Fish
70.00 BDT
Koi Fish
50.00 BDT
Shing Fish
50.00 BDT
Post Office Aria, Sadar, Habiganj
Mobile: +88-01712916283

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