BIRD'S eye

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Bird's Eye Roof Top Restaurant. Please Come to Visit Our Nice Ambiance and Enjoy with Our Delicious Food for Getting Real Pleasure in Your Expectation
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Basic information
Cuisine Chinese, Indian, Thai
Seating capacity 275
Open hour 12:00pm-10:30pm
Holidays Everyday Open
Contact information
Purana Paltan 56/1, Baitul View Tower, Purana Paltan, Dhaka - 1000
Phone: +88 02 9513607 Mobile: +88 01766 387074
Email Address
Web Address
Average price Breakfast 0.00
Lunch 1000.00
Dinner 1000.00
Buffet Lunch 0.00
Buffet Dinner 0.00
Snacks 700.00
Service Charge 10%
Vat Charge 15% (Excluded with food Price)
Accepts Credit Cards American Express, Master Card, VISA
Restaurant features
Environment Purpose and Scene Dining Options
ok Air Conditioned cancel Bar cancel Breakfast
cancel Busy ok Birthday or Anniversary cancel Buffet Dinner
ok Car Parking ok Business Meeting cancel Buffet Lunch
cancel Kids Playground ok Company Party ok Dinner
cancel Live Music ok Family with Children ok Lunch
cancel Private Room ok Group of Friends ok Snacks
ok Quiet cancel Home Delivery ..... .....
cancel Smoking ok Reservations ..... .....
cancel VIP Room ok Romantic Date ..... .....
..... ..... ok Special Occasion ..... .....
..... ..... ok Take Out ..... .....
..... ..... ok VIP ..... .....
Snapshot Item Person Share Price
Szechuan Soup
Authentic Szechuan Soup with Chicken & Prawn
395.00 BDT
Hot & Sour Soup
Spicy Chinese Style Hot & Sour Soup
350.00 BDT
Vegetbale Clear Soup
Thai Style Vegetable Soup
385.00 BDT
Chicken with Vegetable Soup
415.00 BDT
Tom Yam Soup
Traditional Tom Yam Thick Soup with Chicken, Prawn & Mushroom
460.00 BDT
Seafood Soup with Coconut Milk
Special Seafood with Coconut Milk
455.00 BDT
Clear Seafood Soup
Authentic Clear Assorted Seafood Soup
430.00 BDT
Chicken Corn Soup
345.00 BDT
Bird's Eye Special Fried Chicken
510.00 BDT
Fried Pomfret
595.00 BDT
Fried Cattle Fish
595.00 BDT
Thai Fried Chicken
495.00 BDT
Chicken Green Curry
540.00 BDT
Sizzling Chicken
510.00 BDT
Chicken with Cashewnut
510.00 BDT
Chicken Green Chilli
495.00 BDT
Chicken Red Curry
510.00 BDT
Chicken with Basil Leaf
530.00 BDT
Chicken with Garlic Pepper
495.00 BDT
Chicken Red Chilli Dry
520.00 BDT
Chicken Ball with Gravy (Szechuan Style)
510.00 BDT
Chicken in Foil Peper
595.00 BDT
Sweet & Sour Chicken
495.00 BDT
Lemon Chicken
495.00 BDT
Chicken in Pineapple
625.00 BDT
Roasted Prawn in Pineapple
650.00 BDT
Chicken Ginger Mushroom
485.00 BDT
Bird's Eye Special Chicken Asparagus
550.00 BDT
Bird's Eye Special Beef
With Sesame Seeds
550.00 BDT
Beef Sizzling
510.00 BDT
Beef with Bassil Leaf
510.00 BDT
Beef Red Curry
540.00 BDT
Beef Green Chilli Onion
480.00 BDT
Shredded Beef
495.00 BDT
Purana Paltan
56/1, Baitul View Tower, Purana Paltan, Dhaka - 1000
Phone: +88 02 9513607 Mobile: +88 01766 387074

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best for a good time with family

good food

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Good food


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Great view...amazing atmosphere

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